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    • 25 Oct 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 26 Oct 2023
    • 6:00 PM
    • Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto

    The 2023 CAN-TECH Law Fall Conference will run from October 25 to 26, with in-person and virtual options. Please note all times are Eastern.


     CPD Confirmed:

    1 Hour of EDI.

    1 Hour and 30 Minutes of Professionalism.

    18 Hours and 15 Minutes of Substantive.

    Leading topics will include:

    • Legal Generative AI: Managing Practice and Ethical Risks for Lawyers
    • Regulatory Reporting Report Card: guidance from behind the curtain on data breach
    • Lifecycle of Technology Contracts: Navigating Provisions from Negotiation to Litigation
    • The Law of Robotics: Technological and Legal Challenges Impacting Humanity?
    • Children's Privacy: Codes and Beyond
    • IP in the Metaverse
    • Regulatory Landscape of Digital Tokens in Canada: From Bitcoin to NFTs
    • Quebec Privacy Update
    • Understanding Obligations, Weighing Risks and Preparing for Change under the Proposed Critical Cyber Systems Protection Act
    • Governing Laws: Hear from Local Tech Counsel on What You Risk When You Stray from Your Province
    • Strengthening the External and In-House Counsel Partnership: Insights and Operational Realities
    • Ransomware Attack: Can You Negotiate Your Way Out?
    • How to Tackle Micro-Inequities as Lawyers: Practical Tips for Your Workplace
    • Generative AI: Show and Tell

    For Final Program Details: Read More Here



    Member Conference only:

    • CAN-TECH Law Member : $1,695 + tax
    • CAN-TECH Law Member (In-house/Gov) : $975 + tax
    • Student : $300 + tax
    Member Conference and 2024 membership renewal:
    • CAN-TECH Law Member Bundle (Under 5 Years) : $1,845 + tax
    • CAN-TECH Law Member Bundle (Over 5 Years) : $1,970 + tax
    • CAN-TECH Law Member Bundle (In-House/Gov) : $1,150 + tax
    • Student Bundle : $330 + tax
    Non-member Conference only:
    • Non-member : $1,895 + tax
    • Non-member (In-house/Gov) : $1,275 + tax
    • Student : $300 + tax

    Non-member Conference and 2023/2024 membership:

    • Non-Member Bundle (Under 5 Years) : $1,845 + tax
    • Non-Member Bundle (Over 5 Years) : $1,995 + tax
    • Non-member Bundle (In-house/Gov) : $1,175 + tax
    • Student Bundle : $330 + tax
    • Please note the Conference recordings (to be made available a few weeks after the conference) will automatically be provided access at no extra cost to all in-person and virtual registrants. 


    Join us for an exclusive dinner event following the cocktail reception at the CAN-TECH Law Fall Conference. This dinner is not just about the delightful three-course meal or the two complimentary drink tickets; it's an opportunity to network with peers, engage in insightful discussions, and relax in a refined space after a day filled with learning and interaction. 


    • Dining Experience: Enjoy a meticulously crafted three-course meal that showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary culinary techniques.
    • Beverage Selection: We've curated a range of beverages to complement your meal, including fine wines and refreshing sparkling drinks, ensuring there's something to suit every palate.
    • Networking Opportunities: The CAN-TECH Law Conference Dinner is more than just food and drink; it's a platform for meaningful interactions. Engage in insightful conversations, share experiences, and build connections with fellow attendees, industry leaders, and speakers.

    Date & Time: October 25, 2023 - 7-9 p.m.

    Location: The Great Hall, Hart House

    Price: $130 plus HST

    • Three-course dinner.
    • Fine wine and drink options.
    • Networking and socializing with colleagues thought-leaders alike.


      • Details on how to access will be emailed to all registrants well in advance of the proceedings. The details will be emailed to the address entered when registering for the conference. Be sure to check your spam folder! If you are not able to locate the access information by 9 a.m., October 20, please email It is the responsibility of the registrant to make sure they have the access information.
      • It is up to each registrant to ensure they have a strong internet connection prior to the event. Please be sure to test your connection well in advance.


      1. The venue will be following all local government protocols. See here
      2. Stay home/participate virtually if you feel unwell or are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. If unwell, we ask you to complete a COVID-19 test and quarantine until a negative result is confirmed. If needed, COVID-19 tests can be purchased locally. Please note, with currently circulating COVID-19 variants, it is common for rapid tests to be unable to detect COVID-19 until several days into infection – hence even if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and are testing negative, please participate virtually.

      Thank You to Our Sponsors!



      Interested in sponsoring the 2023 CAN-TECH Law Fall Conference? See the above link for details on sponsorship opportunities, or email for more details.

      Terms and Conditions

      The Canadian Technology Law Association (“CAN-TECH Law”) will share the names and business contact information of registrants of the CAN-TECH Annual Conference (“Registrant Information”) with the following parties:

      (1) other registrants for the purposes of professional networking and business opportunities; and

      (2) sponsors for the purpose of providing you with marketing materials.

      In providing your Registrant Information to us, you acknowledge and agree to share your Registration Information with these parties and understand that they may contact you for the above-referenced purposes. CAN-TECH Law will not sell or share your Registrant Information without your permission in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to have your Registrant Information shared, please email

      The CAN-TECH Annual Conference will be video recorded and may be shared with audiences live or post event. In attending the CAN-TECH Annual Conference, you acknowledge and agree that you may be recorded. All recordings may be used by CAN-TECH Law for marketing purposes and sales of archived recordings.

      • 2 Nov 2023
      • 12:00 PM
      • 30 Dec 2023
      • 5:00 PM

      RECORDING: 2023 CAN-TECH Spring Conference: Back to Basics Bootcamp

      This was a first-of-its-kind CANTECH conference. The event was held from coast-to-coast – starting in Vancouver and ending in Halifax – with five offices (Vancouver, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax) each hosting one live panel and participating in the other panels via Zoom. This let the attendees participate in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, while still getting all the benefits of the breadth and depth of experience that CANTECH’s members have to offer.

      Highlights include a conversation about limitations of liability and indemnity between Dana Siddle, a partner at McCarthy Tetrault LLP, and Rahim Esmail, Senior Counsel at TELUS, before moving on to Regina where Joseph Gill, a partner at McKercher LLP and Azure-Dee Ashton, Counsel at Saskatchewan Power Corporation discussed service levels.

      Andrew Alleyne, partner at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Mark Bowman, Senior Legal Counsel at Interac Corp. and Justice Agyemang, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC Bank Canada broke down clauses that are often overlooked, and by colour-coding parts of clauses that are pertinent to the buy- and sell-side the attendees developed a better understanding of the positions they should be advancing on behalf of their clients. 

      Montreal had Eugen Miscoi, associate at McCarthy Tetrault LLP, and Patrice Labonte, General Counsel North America, Valtech share their knowledge about privacy and cybersecurity issues in a contract. This panel dissected LinkedIn’s Data Processing Agreement, a DPA that probably has the biggest impact on the attendees.

      Finally, Jennifer Davidson, CANTECH’s president and partner at Deeth Williams Wall LLP, moderated a panel of David Fraser, a partner at McInnes Cooper, and Harj Gill, who most recently was Corporate Counsel for NTT Data Services, in an open and honest conversation about what lawyers new to the profession can do to ensure their success, the importance of mentorship, and how we can learn from our mistakes. (This was not recorded in order to allow for open and honest dialogue from our panel and audience).

      The hope was that the attendees would leave the conference feeling more confident and comfortable in their understanding of technology transactions, the contracts, and the issues that often come up in them. Based on the expertise the panelists shared, and the accompanying materials, mission accomplished.

      Spring Conference Co-chairs:

      Danielle Graff, Partner, MLT Aikins LLP

      Jacob Kojfman, Senior Legal Counsel, The Co-operators Group Limited


      The conference was recording in Vancouver, Regina, Toronto and Montreal.

      The recorded program provides 4 substantive hours of CPD.

        Vancouver: Damage and Recovery: Liability and Indemnities

        Topics include:

        • What is “market” on limitations of liability (lump sum? fee multiples?)
        • Understanding what risks you are trying to allocate;
        • Alternatives to contractual risk allocation, such as insurance; and
        • Explaining all of this “lawyer stuff” to business teams.

        Moderator:  Jacob Kojfman, Senior Legal Counsel, The Co-operators Group Limited

        • Rahim Esmail, Senior Counsel, Legal Services, TELUS
        • Dana Siddle, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

        Regina: You Can’t always Get What You Want: Service Levels

        Topics include:

        • Understanding the give and take of service level commitments
        • Management of service levels
        • The price of non-conformance and alternatives to service level penalties
        Moderator: Danielle Graff, Partner, MLT Aikins LLP


        • Joseph Gill, Partner, McKercher LLP
        • Azure-Dee Ashton, Counsel, Saskatchewan Power Corporation

        Toronto: Everything is Awesome: Don’t Sleep on Everything Other Than Liability/SLAs and Cyber

        Topics include:

        • Key considerations for termination provisions;
        • Language essential to transition of services provisions upon termination, including portability of data and unique considerations for certain types of agreements, such as transition-out provisions in "x-as-a-service" agreements; and
        • The importance of governance, including the interplay between governance and acceptance criteria and assessing whether there is capacity to meet governance processes.
        Moderator: Andrew Alleyne, Partner, Fasken
        • Mark Bowman, Senior Legal Counsel, Interac Corp.
        • Justice Agyemang, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC Bank Canada
        Montreal: Every Breath You Take: Privacy and Cybersecurity

        Topics include:

        • Meeting statutory, industry and organizational requirements for privacy clauses;
        • Understanding the controller / processor relationship (if such a thing exists in Canada); and
        • Knowing what to look for, ask for and insist on for cybersecurity, including security provisions and incident notification.

        Moderator: Véronique Wattiez Larose, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP


        • Eugen Miscoi, Associate, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
        • Patrice Labonté, General Counsel North America, Valtech



        • $100: CAN-TECH members
        • $125: Non-members
        • $40: CAN-TECH student members

        Thank you to our Sponsors!

        There are no refunds.


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